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Do your stock have worms?

Test before and be sure 

StockWatch Laboratory is a privately owned and truly independent testing laboratory. We provide livestock owners and managers the best tool to assist in combating internal parasites… Information.
What We Do
We perform Faecal Egg Counts (FEC) also known as Worm Egg Counts (WEC) for all types of farm animals. Along with additional testing when requested including testing for Barber’s Pole, Liver Fluke and Larval Differentiation.
The bottom line is simple – With routine worm testing, you can better manage your stock. Production will improve and a lid will be kept on costs.

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How It Works

Download and print our Test Request Form.

  • Collect your samples
  • Mail your samples with the completed Test Request Form to StockWatch PO Box 423, Temora NSW 2666.
  • We will receive, prepare and analyse the samples. All samples are tested and reported the day we receive them.
  • We will email your results report and invoice – the report will tell you the parasite burden and the results of any selected additional testing.
  • For help interpreting your results please refer to Guide to Results.  If you have further questions you can contact us – we are available and more than happy to assist.
  • Payment options: Your invoice is delivered in the same email as your results. Payment can be made by cheque or EFT. Terms 14 days please.

Why Use Us?

Great question, we are extremely customer focused, we know how important it is to get the results back to you ASAP and we do that. We are always available to have a chat about your results and will let you know if we see an issue that needs to be attended to or monitored.  We will not over service, so if a test is selected but based on other testing it is deemed not required then we won’t add to your costs.

We are private so the results are yours, if you want us to send them to an adviser or vet etc we will happily do that, you just have to let us know on your paperwork.

Being owner operated we have the flexibility to get jobs out on time, 5.30 doesn’t mark the end of our day!!nothing gets left for the next day. We don’t hound our clients with annoying marketing but we are ready to  offer our clients the best service because we value their support. Reliable Results, Focus on quick turnaround, Accessible to discuss results, there when you need an answer,

Delivering great service since 2008.