Individual Testing for Genetic Indexing

Testing for Genetic Gain

Natural resistance to worm burdens is a highly heritable trait particularly

in sheep and goats.

We test for many studs and sire evaluation groups who use our results to identify and rank their animals.

Our results are supplied in excel format that can easily be loaded into most indexing and classing programs.

A pdf copy is also included to ensure there is a master copy.

Lab Requirements

Please send in a Check Test for the mob a week or two prior to proposed individual sampling.

This is to ensure the minimum average egg count of 300 epg will be met and a lot of extra work is not wasted.

It can be disappointing when results don’t supply enough range offering limited use of results and possible rejection by sheep genetics.

Please contact us prior, these jobs are hugely time consuming and we like to know when they are coming in

to ensure all can be done in a timely manner and we are resourced to accommodate each job.

For Pricing download our test request form or click here

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Sample Collection for Genetic Testing

After many years and different sample submission types we have found the following the best option. Please follow these instructions closely.
Please note: if using barcodes we do not accept thermal shopping docket style barcodes, as these are not reliable enough with the risk of moisture damage. Stick on Barcodes are ideal.

Equipment: Sandwich Bags ie the full sized ones, readily available for purchase from supermarket in boxes of 100 or more, make sure you have enough prior to starting job. Barcode equipment with stick-on labels. Or several sharpie texta’s – its vital numbers are written clearly, in the same spot and orientation on the bag ( towards the top right is ideal) so there is no confusion whether a number is 69 or 96 and so on!!

Take individual samples from rectum of animal.

Place sample in bag and ensure tag number is clearly either stuck on if bar coded or marked towards the top right side of the bag. (above the sample) Ideally this is an operation for at least two but preferably more people one sampling the other clearly writing or sticking the tag numbers on the bag!

If operators change during the job please ensure the same system is explained so the tag numbers are written or placed in the same place etc.
Keep outside of bags dry. Place into posing box and seal well. Post the same day as collection if you can make that days mail.

Getting them to us!

Place into posing box and seal well. Post the same day as collection if you can make that days mail.
Express post to StockWatch PO Box 423 Temora NSW 2666 and ensure you receive a tracking number. Please send us a message that they have been sent.

Samples can also be delivered directly to us, i.e. drive them over and we’ll arrange a drop off point. This is certainly the fastest way  and ensures samples don’t get delayed in the postal system.

Let’s Get Started

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