Please keep in mind….

All samples must be fresh and kept cool prior to posting. Expel as much air as possible from the bags.
Numerous samples can be sent in one box, ensure bags are labelled for identification.
If you’re sending more than one box please tape them together as this will reduce the postage costs and ensure they arrive at the same time.
Avoid sampling and posting just prior to a public holiday to avoid postal delays.
Any further questions call Tom on: 0488 089 676 or Click the Button

Standard Test:

(Mob Average) Using the large bag provided, collect small but equal amounts from each deposit. Take a range of sample types ie runny, pellets, firm, whatever is fresh, ensure you get a representative sample of the mob. We don’t require huge volumes so don’t fill the bag! Aim for about an inch across the bottom of the bag.
When sealing the bag remove as much air as possible and write mob description on bag label and Test Request Form.

Example: “Merino Ewe Lambs – Hill Pdk”

 Alternatively, number your mob bags to match the order and mob descriptions on your Request Form.

Also mark “S” for Standard Test on your Test Request Form.

Send back unused smaller bags or find a use for them at home!!

Premium Test:

(Mob Average & Range) – not suitable for horses
Using the 10 small bags provided, collect 10 small samples from different deposits/animals. Approx 5 pellets per adult or 7 pellets per lamb. Place the 10 small bags into the larger bag, seal, and write the mob description on the label and your Test Request Form

Examp;e: “Merino Ewes, Blue Tags – Tank Pdk”

Please remember to seal all the bags, pack carefully and mark, “P” for Premium Test on the Test Request Form.

Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Deer, Pigs:

Hold mob in a corner and allow to defecate. Allow the stock to drift off quietly. Another good way is to collect samples when moving or droving the mob. Just ensure you are collecting fresh samples trying to avoid dirt and other debris.


Using the spoon provided, take 1 scoop from each fresh pat. Do this for at least 10 animals, exclude as much air as possible. You can use the Standard Test as per above or Premium Test depending on your requirements.


Individual: Collect fresh manure from the paddock or stable. Ensure it came from the horse you wish to test!
Aim for approx 2 nuggets or equivalent. If soft, use the spoon provided. Select Standard Test on Request Form.

Don’t forget to include your horse’s description eg, “Spike” – 8yo TB gelding.

Its easy!

Simply seal samples into small plastic bags – sandwich bags are ideal, and post in a well sealed post pack to:
StockWatch PO Box 423 Temora NSW 2666