WEC Basic Testing Options

Standard Test – tests a bulk mob sample to give a total epg for the mob.
Premium Test – provides a mob average and range from 10 individual samples.
For Studs we also offer Individual Testing for genetic indexing.

Additional Testing Options:
Barber’s Pole Testing – Measures the levels of occult blood in the dung that is caused by Haemonchus
Liver Fluke – Sedimentation test very sensitive also picks up Stomach Fluke if present
Larval Diff – The eggs are hatched in an incubator and the larvae identified. Each species is reported as a percentage. This process takes around 10 days. This can only be performed if WEC is over an average 100epg.

If you think you may require any of our additional testing options, please mark this on your Test Request Form. It makes our job simpler if we know this while preparing your samples. We won’t perform and charge you for testing you don’t require!

Test Type Price inc GST
WEC Standard Test (S)

Bulk Mob Sample, Total Avg epg

Also our Horse Test

$35 each
WEC Premium Test (P)

10 Samples – Mob Avg & Range

$66.00 each
Barber’s Pole Dipstick Test

Results same day

$35 each
Fluke Test

 Results same day

$40.00 each
Larval Diff

Takes approx 10 days

$40.00 each

Individual Tests (Genetic)

Additional If Required:

+ 40c Consistency Scores

+ 25c Coccidia, +25c Tapeworm

< 50 Samples     $7.70 each

> 50 Samples     $6.60 each

v. 2021-3 Prices as at 1 July 2021

Which WEC Test Type Should You Chose?

For Farmers & Graziers:

The Standard Test – Bulked Mob Sampled

Is a fast & efficient way to answer these questions…
Do I need to drench?   Or   Was the drench I used effective?
Please note: to test the efficacy of a drench used, a sample should be collect between 10-14 days after drenching.

Our Premium Test

– is designed for animals being run in large mobs such as sheep, goats & cattle.
This test is generally used where a portion of animals may not be doing as well as the main mob.
By providing individual samples from both healthy & poor animals, this test will provide a mob average plus the range.

For Horse Owners:

Select Standard Test on your Test Request Form – This is our Horse Test.
There is nothing Standard about our Horse Standard Test!
It is a sensitive, accurate method that uses more sample (min 30gms) and is therefore well suited to horses, given the large amount of fibre and the way parasites are distributed in a horse sample.


Do you have questions?

Most of the commonly asked questions are answered in our Instruction Guides…
If you’re still unsure, feel free to send an email or give us a call
We are happy to help make the process simple!

Did you know?
If you are not sure if you need additional tests, just ask. If we don’t think they are required, we’ll tell you.
We won’t perform and charge you for testing you don’t require!

Also if you ever misplace or want a copy of your previous test results, please get in touch.
We are only too happy to resend past results.