Our standard test was developed for your ease of sample collection. (this test is also our Horse test) Ie you are in the paddock and can quickly collect samples with one bag (from the glove box or from your pocket). At the lab we use this entire sample to get the results not just 2 or 3 grams. Our testing shows us that the results are very comparable to sending in 10 individual samples, it is important however when picking up samples for a standard test to try and get equal volumes of dung from each animal. Ie from each deposit collect one or two pellets or one teaspoon. If you wish- of course you can send in 10 individual animal samples to be tested as a standard test. If we receive samples this way for a standard test we weigh each sample prior to mixing ensuring a “true” average. A standard test will give a very good result and is an easy way to collect samples.